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Science Ninja Cowboy is an action-packed card game where you and your friends face off in a no-holds-barred battle to the death! Attack each other’s lives with a plethora of weapons, protect your own with hidden counters, and place each other in random life-threatening situations until only one of you is left standing.


Tension builds each round as alliances form, revenge is taken, and players move one step closer to their inevitable victory or demise!


Do you have what it takes to win Science Ninja Cowboy? Get the game today!

Each player starts the game with 5 cards in their hand and 5 "lives" face down in front of them.


You take your turn by drawing one card from the deck and playing one card from your hand.


To win the game you must attack the lives of other players while protecting your own.


The last player with cards left in the game wins!


Visit our 'How to Play' page for more detailed instructions.


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